Tips On Creating The Perfect Sunday Brunch

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How long has it been since you managed to have a reunion with your batch mates? 10 years? 5 years?  Have you always tried to meet up with everyone yet never got the chance to do so? Want to gather all your mates from different places and meet up with them in one place? A brunch would definitely be the ideal setting for a reunion. Who says reunions are supposed to be held in fancy restaurants? Nothing certainly beats a home cooked cuisine with that personal touch! Here are a few tips on how to throw the best brunch party ever.

Main course and side bites
The main reason for a brunch to be the perfect reunion setting is its ability to even last the entire day! After all this is a gathering of friends, and while it’s important to whip up something fancy and huge,  it would be best to have one large dish and many side snacks to nibble on while you’re taking that walk down the memory lane. A fat almond pancake that may be served as the main dish instead of going through the trouble of whipping up many pancakes or may be even some breakfast sausage puffs and a couple other knick knacks would be ideal. However don’t forget the tea or coffee that completes this meal!

A special touch
You could choose your outdoor dining settings to give that warm feeling by adding outdoor dining settings Brisbane, may be decorating the place with lovely flower vase center pieces or lighting up fragrant candles or even hanging up those old pictures that have a hidden story behind them that only those in the picture know about. After all what else is the purpose of this entire reunion other than cherishing those moments with your buddies!

Get your game on
While it is definitely fun walking down the memory lane and retelling all those hilarious and rather embarrassing stories, don’t let the day go to waste. Remember those days when you were never the one to back down from a challenge or a game? Bring back that child in you and play the game! It doesn’t always have to be a hard core soccer or football game. You could go back to those good old board games or come up with other new and fun games like camera hot potato, heads up or spin those bottles you’ve got on those stones tables and play a good old game of truth or dare!

Set the beat
Play your mate’s favorite songs, or songs that have a special significance in them. Set the beat and move it! What better way to get in the mood other than listening to those old hits! Whatever you choose to do try to make it simple yet entertaining, that way you wouldn’t be stressed out and also would manage to have some fun. Don’t forget that the point of this is to spend time with your friends and enjoy!