Believable Writing In Contemporary Fiction Novels

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contemporary realistic fiction books

Books and novels are the way of communication of authors to their readers. These books are based on certain ideas, aims, themes and central core which either connects fiction to fiction and in some cases non-fiction to fiction. In comparison to the fantasized non-fiction, fiction is difficult to read, understand and swallow the realities that are drafted in fiction literature as the language, point of view and theme of novels are far from a layman approach. Therefore, readers that have interest in contemporary realistic fiction books and novels are more technical in thinking with higher command and grip of fictional writing context. Contemporary fiction novels state the fact that are closer to reality and based on incidents that have nature to the senses of an individual. These are designed and formatted in a way that the main story premises revolves around strong characters and background where only ground realities are addressed without any fake data. These novels and books can hold on fictional events or personalities of past, current and even of future world.

Different ideas for contemporary realistic fiction books

Fiction books mainly focus on the aim to make the story and narrative believable to the readers and create an impact for an everlasting reading experience. This sole purpose is mainly the reason of success of contemporary realistic fiction books which is based on real-life. Contemporary realistic fiction books are usually referred to the literature which involves the events that are encountered during the time period of 1990 to the current day.

Many of the contemporary realistic fiction books are of scientific knowledge, historical events, achievers and re-known personalities. Along with these, many are solely based on poems, phrases, pictorials, figures, drama and situations that are realistic enough to be involve in contemporary fiction literature.

Contemporary fiction novels

Contemporary fiction is more complex and far in dramatic detail than to the current featured fiction in books of literature. Contemporary fiction novels have ideas that reflect the meaning of meta-modernism which is loosely based on the events occurred in real life in the 90s. These novels emphasizes on making real-life incidents larger than life and as believable as possible. Contemporary fiction novels can be darker in reading but is satisfying concerning the severity of the topic being discussed in the fiction.

Contemporary fiction novels differ from the modern novels only on the criteria of time period which is highlighted in the background of story premises. According to many authors and novelists, contemporary is referred to the literature from the time after Second World War to the current times. Thus, such style of writing is not general but is potential to create an impact and awareness among the populations to come.


Contemporary realistic fiction books are literatures that are based on realistic events and revolve with strong characters in each situation. Contemporary fiction novels are more commonly connected to the historical, powerful events and personalities that have crossed in the past.

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