How An Experienced Smoker Knows They Are Getting The Best Product

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Cigarettes are found everywhere. There are many brands and it is quite easy to buy them. That is not the same case with cigar or tobacco roll products. These are not as many as cigarettes. It is understandable as only a group of people are used to smoking the products as it requires you to have an acquired taste. At the same time, there are not that many manufacturers of these tobacco rolls.

It is not the LA Aurora cigars price which tells an experienced smoker of tobacco rolls if he or she is getting the best product. There are some other features which help to determine what kind of a product they are getting from the merchants.


These tobacco rolls come in different sizes. The size is determined by the length as well as the ring size or the gauge. There are some which are as long as nine inches and have a gauge size of about fifty two. You have to choose the size according to what you can smoke. If you are someone who loves to smoke this for a long time you can go with something big.


If you smell any tobacco roll you will get to experience a certain aroma with them. That is the aroma created by the tobacco leaves used to create them. If the aroma is fresh it shows you are getting a fresh product. If the aroma contains hints of mouldiness that is the sign of a product which should not be used as it has grown too old and the freshness has worn off.

Country of Origin

Country of origin can also tell you about the quality of the products you are getting. Top quality Dominican cigars for sale or Cuban ones are going to offer you the best experience ever if you smoke them. They have a long history of creating high quality products for the whole world to consume.

Hand Rolled or Machine Made

With the increase of technology certain manufacturers are using machines to roll these products. However, it has been found again and again that the hand rolled ones are better in quality than the machine rolled ones.

An experienced smoker checks all of these facts before he or she buys a tobacco roll. Therefore, he or she knows to choose only the best quality products in the market. They will even order these products from an online merchant if they find this merchant to have quality products. It is quite hard for the merchants to cheat them.