Tips For Using Tanning Mousse

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The tanning lotion or mousse seems like the same product. But both have different application. The lotion is particular for daily use that will be tanning your skin bit slower, whereas mousse is used for express use. For example, you have to attend an event in 2 days and you need to an express tan. Then mousse is your product. It doesn’t mean that lotion is not for you but it depends on how much fast you want to tan your body. But mousse application is also different from lotion. There are certain tips that you need to keep in mind before applying to mousse, also you have to prepare your body before applying mousse.

• Removal of hair: Remove hair from the part of your body where you need to apply the tanning mousse from Australia. Because hair can resist the application of mousse and due to the presence of hair the mousse will not be applied properly. SO it is better to shave one-day before applying to mousse to get the clear surface for application.

• Exfoliate: Always exfoliate your skin before applying Mousse. It is recommended to use the scrub to exfoliate it will help clean your skin by removing dirt or any other product application leftover on your skin. This will provide a smooth and clean surface to apply the mousse.

• Moisturize: Moisturize your body hours before application of mouse. Moisturization will help to smooth your skin and also help to nourish. The more moisturized your skin the better tanning shade it will get. SO never forget to moisturize your skin before applying mousse.

• Layering: If you need dark shade then it is better to layer up the application. After applying the first layer, wait for some time and then apply the second layer. This will help to cover all the parts will also darken the tan on your skin.

• Method: Always be in a cool and dry place. So that you won’t be sweating while application of mousse. Also start from your legs. Because usually the legs will be exposed, so you don’t need any patch left. Then after applying to your legs, set the tone for your feet. Never skip any part. After application on your lower body, make your way on the top of the shoulders.

• Moisturize: After applying mousse, your role is not over. You need to keep your body moisturized. This moisturization will help to maintain the shade of your body. If you will not properly and regularly moisturize your body than tan layers will start to break up. So to maintain the tan for longer always keep your body moisturized.

• Showers: Use lukewarm water for showers and it is best to use oil-free soaps. This will help your tan to last longer.